Policies for Progress: Patent Buyouts

Recently I had a conversation with a reader/supporter of the blog. One of the things we talked about was a great 1998 paper, “Patent Buyouts: A Mechanism for Encouraging Innovation.” by Michael Kremer, who won the Nobel Prize in economics in 2019, together with Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee. Like the policy I wrote aboutContinue reading “Policies for Progress: Patent Buyouts”

Policies for Progress: Could the knowledge frontier advance faster?

I’m beginning my journey into Progress Studies by summarising and synthesising some of the literature scattered around. Here, I show an example of the potential power of Progress Studies. The policy implications of the paper I summarise in this post demonstrate the low-hanging fruit available to the field. If we were to implement the policyContinue reading “Policies for Progress: Could the knowledge frontier advance faster?”