History of Progress through Inventions

  • This page is to keep track of inventions (in various forms: political ideas, goods, services, etc.). Whilst reading various books related to Progress Studies, I often come across inventions which surprise/intrigue me for a number of reasons. Perhaps its because I’m surprised by how early the invention was thought of. Perhaps an invention has a link to the social/political world that I hadn’t made a formal connection with. Perhaps the invention is just completely new to me.
  • So, I thought I would keep track of them here (this really is just a pet project but other people have expressed interest).
  • Thus, this will be a continuous work in progress. I’m not quite sure how to break it down, although I’m thinking either by time or by category (or perhaps have both options). I’ll have some of the following details: name of the invention, a brief description, a picture/video, its impact, further links, and possibly other things that I haven’t though of yet.

(Posts to comes soon)

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