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“Economics is not a field but a calling. A doctor can treat and help a patient. An Economist could raise the standard of living of millions who would never know his or her name.” Professor Larry Summers commenting on what he learned from Professor Martin Weitzman.

“Learn about the world and learn what we don’t understand about it yet. Do what excites and interests you. That will make research fun, which is super important. Plus, if you find it interesting, likely others will too. Don’t chase after what you think will publish well.” Professor Nathan Nunn


I’m Kris Gulati (@krisgulati on twitter). I’m currently an Economics MRes/PhD Student interested in Progress Studies. My research interests are on the causes and consequences of Economic Growth, Technological Change and Innovation. I’m also interested in Statistics/Econometrics.

In 2015, I began a two-year MSc in Econometrics and Economics, where I originally went to university to study the intersection between behavioural/experimental economics and development economics. I was largely interested in international development. However, after my first semester, I realised that perhaps I should be working on the bigger picture. I was focusing on small-scale interventions such as bed-nets etc. but I soon realised that 1% growth compounded for 10 years could have a much larger positive impact. So in 2016, I began increasingly thinking about the causes and consequences of economic growth, technological change, and innovation. In 2019, when I found out about the progress studies movement, I felt like I had ‘like-minded’ people to share my interests with. That led to the creation of this blog, where I’ll track the things I read and the thoughts I have.

I’m on Twitter @krisgulati, where I tweet about the causes and consequences of progress, economic growth, technological change, and innovation. I have made a Progress Studies subreddit to foster discussion. You can follow my work on the Progress Studies LinkedIn page or the Progress Studies Facebook page.

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